Transfo-Tainment is taken from the words Transformation and Entertainment and really describes who I am. In my early years I studied acting and theater. I came from a long line of incredible storytellers and comedians who taught me that no matter what happens in life, laughter is truly the best medicine. I later went through some very difficult issues and discovered the world of therapy and recovery that truly transformed my life. I love helping, inspiring and entertaining people. Now, I have come full circle and have integrated my 2 worlds and this is what I am calling, TRANSFO-TAINMENT. In my first solo show, “Madame Imago’s Master Class: a butterfly’s guide to spiritual evolution,” I believe I have accomplished this very thing. The word Imago is the Latin word for the mature developmental phase of the caterpillar, or a butterfly. The Butterfly has always been an inspirational image of hope and transformation.

My narrator, Madame Imago, is a fantastical, grand Monarch Butterfly. Think of a guardian angel of sorts, who is all about the journey of becoming and guides her caterpillars into their own higher self or Imago. Madame Imago also tells the story of my own journey of spiritual evolution. In a very humorous and witty way, this guardian engages with the audience and educates them on the ways of Butterflies so that they can best understand themselves. This is interwoven with telling my story: growing up in a radical, atheist and humanistic Jewish family and my search for Spirit and the meaning of life. Earlier this year, I performed “Madame Imago’s Master Class: a butterfly's guide to spiritual evolution” as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival at the New Collective LA Theater. This piece was 20 minutes in length and I am currently in the process of writing my full length show to be premiered in February 2017.

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Madame Imago's Master

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