• Dr. Naomi has brought me to a peace and comfort in my life through the transformation of my reality! I highly recommend her series to bring you to a higher understanding of yourself.
    Heather Prewitt
    Senior Administrative Assistant, Clayton, CA
  • Naomi’s insight and clarity are refreshing in any setting. Her unique blend of counseling and coaching means you get to understand the roots of the real issues, but you do not have to be stuck in them. I simply would not have believed my life and perspective could have changed so much in just a few months. The group setting allows enough time for some teaching, safety to see how someone else is processing similar issues, and then the space to engage and create your own change. ;
    Mark Schwartz
    Independent Consultant, Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Naomi is one of the most innovative and insightful coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She is candid and enjoyable with an emotional I.Q. that really gives clients the ability to rise above their challenges and see new possibilities. I highly recommend Dr. Naomi to anybody serious about breakthrough to new levels of awareness and action.


Dan Tocchini –Master Life Coach and Transformational Trainer

“Dr. Naomi has been an amazing life coach and mentor that has armed me with practical tools to improve my overall quality of life. I highly recommend her work and her amazing new e-book, 7 Days/7 Steps to Sanity. I’ve experienced tremendous breakthroughs since working with Dr. Naomi and her simple and profound practice of living in sanity”.


Cymonda Wilson – Senior Level Marketing and Branding Strategist

“Dr Naomi encountered me when I was literally in the darkest place of my life even though I was living at the height of my professional career. Naomi was not intimidated by me, she was relentless in the most compassionate way to get through to me because she knew that I was self destructing. I guess I could say that God used her to truly save me from myself. As a result, my marriage was saved and our precious family restored. To this day, she continues to help my family as various needs arise and counsel is needed. I most wholeheartedly recommend her to you or your loved ones.”


Mike Bostic – Retired Assistant Chief, LAPD

“Dr. Naomi has been a significant influence in my life for almost 3 years now and not only have I gained a loving friend and mentor, but I continue to be challenged to love and accept myself in whatever situation I may be in. She offers countless tools in her 7 Days/7 Steps to Sanity e-book and journal to help counter the negative thoughts that hinder joy and progress, and help you to return to a place of love, acceptance and simply being. Her capacity to love and help people where they are is endless and she truly lives a life that is committed to inspiring others”.


Stacey Carr – Development Coordinator at OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network

“One of the most helpful, practical tools that Naomi gave us was considering other possibilities in any given situation. She guided us to shift our thinking from our own familiar way of understanding (or judging) what the other partner might have meant when they said this or that, and instead to consider that there may be other ways to comprehend it. This tool was particularly helpful for me, as my husband was better at keeping his options open and not being quite as quick to judge. I, on the other hand, had a talent for reaching conclusions within seconds, and those conclusions usually included the decision that my husband was purposefully being a monster. But with this tool, and Naomi to hold my hand, she and I began to look at these situations from different perspectives.


Klass & Caren Bakker