Lorri-H-122x125-thumbnail-shots-of-testimoniesNaomi was my answer to prayer that began at the young age of 9 the instant I found the note my mother left.  My heart broke that day and was filled with rejection and despair.  Every tear that fell from my eyes throughout the years, landed in God’s hand, and He in turn untrusted them to Naomi’s gently loving care.  I believe Naomi has a God given gift to be able to go deep into your heart, see the load that lays buried there, and is able to show you the road home.  The road home to a place of peace.  I truly believe that God lives in Naomi’s words.  She was able to see into my hurt and guided me out of it with words of gentleness, understanding, and wisdom. God bless Naomi and my God bless the journey you will hopefully allow her to help you walk.  Take her by the hand and let her lead you into a place of peace.  May the peace of God land gently upon you and help you find rest.  – Lori Hayes, San Juan Capistrano, CA


Cymonda-125x125-thumbnail-shots-of-testimoniesWhat a blessing to be under the influence of Dr. Naomi Beltz. She is an amazing life coach, mentor, therapist that has armed me with practical tools to improve my overall quality of life.I highly recommend her work as I’ve experienced tremendous breakthrough after only a few months working with her.  She’s far from the typical therapist who views others  from a clinical point of view. Dr. Naomi has a wonderfully bright light inside of her that not only warms the heart when you meet her but creates an ease that allows you to trust and get to work on uncovering underlying issues. I know I am closer to clearing out my “junk” through our work together! – Cymonda Wilson Burbank, CA


TimS-122x125“Dr Naomi’s council has been a hugely important part of my life, and has had a major positive impact on me. I came to her for council when I was in the midst of a 3-year legal battle. The emotional and spiritual toll that this had taken on me left me depressed and hopeless. With her wise council, I was encouraged and strengthened enough to continue my fight and eventually win. My outlook on life is extremely optimistic now which I say, “thank you, Dr Naomi!” I have never hesitated to refer my friends and family to Dr Naomi when they were in crisis and she has always proven to be a tremendous help. Whether in crisis or in need of a “tune up,” I would confidently recommend Dr Naomi to you too.” – Tim Steger, Jerusalem, Israel  


bakker1“My husband and I started going to Naomi for marriage counseling after making it to our second wedding anniversary. We were both feeling fairly miserable with each other, and also a little shocked, as the reality of our relationship was proving to be less fun than we had expected. Finding Naomi’s help was relieving, as she reassured us that we were at a completely normal place, as so many couples reached the two-year mark and then felt the honeymoon stage slip away. She congratulated us on wanting to have a better relationship together. And then she asked us what we thought “better” would look like. I think we just looked at her blankly for a while. Surely Naomi was going to fix us with her magic stick, which included doing all the clever thinking. I didn’t expect to have to think for myself about how I wanted the relationship to change. I just knew I wanted it (or him) to change. But Naomi continued to ask guiding questions, and slowly we got used to thinking about what we wanted. Then, after guiding us to form some realistic rather than fairy-tale goals, she gave us practical tips to help us reach them.” – Caren Bakker, Jerusalem, Israel


  Bakker2a“One of the most helpful, practical tools that Naomi gave us was considering other possibilities in any given situation. She guided us to shift our thinking from our own familiar way of understanding (or judging) what the other partner might have meant when they said this or that, and instead to consider that there may be other ways to comprehend it. This tool was particularly helpful for me, as my husband was better at keeping his options open and not being quite as quick to judge. I, on the other hand, had a talent for reaching conclusions within seconds, and those conclusions usually included the decision that my husband was purposefully being a monster. But with this tool, and Naomi to hold my hand, she and I began to look at these situations from different perspectives. She asked me if I was willing to consider that one of these perspectives might be a better way to comprehend what my husband might have meant, or, more importantly, the place that he was coming from. It was initially pretty difficult, scary, and painful to shift to this open-minded place. But Naomi promised me it would get easier. And she was right, genius that she truly is. Shifting my thinking has now become an invaluable tool that helps me to stop in my tracks and consider that my husband may not be a monster after all, but a person with vulnerabilities, just like me. We are so grateful that we found Naomi when we did. Today our marriage looks very different. It’s fun and filled with laughter, especially as we catch ourselves doing the old dance, and it can look pretty funny these days. Thank you Naomi!” – Klaas and Caren Bakker, Jerusalem, Israel  


McKinzie1-122x125“Naomi Beltz helped me through a difficult time in my life and marriage. Through her listening, love, wisdom and discernment she helped me sort out some deep issues in my personal life. Her prophetic insight especially regarding two significant dreams I had really helped me identify some root issues that I was able to really deal with at a new level. I personally recommend Naomi to assist you in greater breakthrough for your life.” – Brenda McKenzie, Santa Monica, CA


McKinzie2-122x125“Naomi was very helpful to my wife and I during a very dark time in our lives. Her insight and wisdom from years of helping other marriages helped my wife and I to understand each other’s hearts and work out our differences. This year we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. My wife and I thank Naomi for showing us patients, kindness and a true interest in our lives.” -Arron McKenzie, Santa Monica, CA


  Rittie-122x125“I came to Naomi after a traumatic event had shattered my sense of safety and trust. Her clarity of focus, keen discernment and professional expertise was extremely valuable in helping me navigate this  ‘dark night of my soul.’  Naomi helped me regain a sense of personal self worth. As I began to rebuild, I discovered an inner core of peace and safety, and, once again, began to live a happy and productive life. I am now a Certified Life Coach myself, specializing in helping people overcome trauma and abuse. I am very happy to endorse Naomi, and I am grateful for her work and her life”. -Rittie Katz, Jerusalem Israel


  MIchelle-RizzoDr. Naomi has helped to bring clarity and breakthrough in my life in countless ways. Her wisdom, insight and expert skill as a therapist and life-coach, have helped to enrich my marriage, my parenting, and my interpersonal relationships. I highly recommend Dr. Naomi to help you experience joyful and life-changing breakthrough! – Michelle Rizzo  


Angela-75x75My first encounter with Dr. Naomi was eleven years ago in a hospital just minutes after my firstborn died. She held my face in her hands and spoke words of love and peace in one of the most difficult hours of my life. Since then Dr. Naomi has continued to be a voice of wisdom and clarity. She is wise and generous, gracious and hilarious. Working with Naomi is a unique experience. She has often made me laugh so hard my sides ached, and she’s also been present and comforting when I’ve needed to cry cleansing tears. I have heartily referred my closest friends and family to her for transformational life-coaching, and it is my pleasure to recommend her to you. If you are ready for a break through, Dr. Naomi is the person who you want standing beside you as you go for it.- Angela, Long Beach, CA  


Diane-75x75Naomi Beltz is an exceptional coach and wise therapist. An unusual combination that offers the best of both worlds. She has great ability to help her clients see the deeper issues of the heart that motivate their behaviors. She helps them identify, process, and shift from thinking states that create areas of unhealthy relating opening up new possibilities for growth and mature living. As a licensed therapist and friend I value Naomi for the many ways she speaks wisdom into my life and stands in authenticity.– Diane Apuan, MFT  


laura-keat-75x75 Naomi’s gentle yet direct approach, paired with her discerning ability to see past the surface of issues, to the root where real improvement and life change is found, make her a truly remarkable counselor. When I first met with Naomi over a year ago, I felt stuck in my relationships, business, and personal development.  I continued to make choices that I was not proud of and could not find the motivation to do otherwise.  Over time, Naomi has helped me to understand why I made those choices and has guided me to develop motivation, confidence and realistic goals for improvement.  My family is amazed at the changes they see in me and my friends have been impressed enough to meet with Naomi for themselves.  They too have found insights, growth and happiness as a result of their sessions with Naomi.  – Laura Keat


June-Stone-122x125-thumbnail-shots-of-testimoniesI am eternally grateful to Dr. Naomi for the life changing counsel I was given when I sought her help after I moved to  Israel in 1998. To say that I was in crisis would be an understatement. Not only did she help stabilize me then, but the tools she gave me have empowered me to heal, grow and effectively deal with the ongoing challenges of my life in this amazing country. Naomi is authentic and compassionate. She has unique gifts, like razor sharp intuition, incredible wisdom and a delightful sense of humor, that makes her treatment more effective in a shorter time span than any other therapist/coach I have worked with over the years. I sent my 20 year old grandson to see Dr Naomi when he came to visit me during the summer. He is an athlete who was at a cross-road in his life and needed some “strategy meetings.” He only saw Naomi a few times but trusted her immediately and found her coaching more powerful and effective than any he had received from his athletic coaches. I am active in AA where I work with addicts in recovery on a daily basis here in Israel. When someone needed more than what I could give I happily referred them to Dr. Naomi and the results were always excellent. Although Dr. Naomi no longer lives in Israel, our coaching sessions via the phone continue and remain an essential part of my health regime. I have a trainer that keeps my body physically fit and I have Dr. Naomi to keep me  the best possible me I can be. She will do the same for you, of this, I am quite sure! – June Stone, Tel Aviv, Israel


Stacey-Carr-122x125-thumbnail-shots-of-testimoniesDr. Naomi has been a significant influence in my life for almost two years now and not only have I gained a loving friend and mentor, but I continue to be challenged to love and accept myself in whatever situation I may be in.  This past year has been an especially dark one in my life and Dr. Naomi has been with me every step of the way offering perspective, speaking God’s truth into my life, and challenging me to not give up. I’m coming up on the other side of the dark hole and she is still one of my biggest cheerleaders.  She offers countless tools to help counter the negative thoughts that hinder joy and progress, and help you to return to a place of love, acceptance and simply being.  Her capacity to love and help people where they are is endless and she truly lives  a life that is committed to inspiring others. – Stacey Carr, Los Angeles, CA


  Dyan---122x125-thumbnail-shots-of-testimoniesNaomi is an exceptional coach… I can say this because she was my business partner for 20 years and continued friend for 27.  What I have seen through the years is that Naomi gets results where other professionals have failed. Her own life experiences have shaped her into a powerful life coach that knows how to creatively help a client, especially when they are going through rough times. Her gifting and talents truly are focused around relationships: she has an innate ability to connect with and move people forward.  Naomi’s insights cause her clients to look beyond their current situation creating a fresh perspective for them which opens the door to inner transformation and/or resolutions they never knew were possible.  If you are looking to create a change or new movement in your life… I would highly recommend Naomi to you… Dyan Howk, MFT – BreakThru Counseling Center, Los Alamitos, CA


JEN-P---122x125-thumbnail-shots-of-testimoniesDr. Naomi has been a tremendous voice of wisdom and encouragement to me.  She speaks from a posture of acute discernment and insight — always challenging me to triumph in my circumstances so as to become the most accurate and honest version of myself.  Her balance in sequestering with others through the experience as well as empowering the individual to find harmony within themselves, is the greatest reflection of loving thyself. Noth’n but love. – JB