Why Evolution versus Resolution?

We all know that New Year’s resolutions don’t work for the long haul. According to Forbes magazine, January 1, 2013, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Think about it: that means that 92% will fail. But most of us keep making them anyway because we don’t know what else to do.
With your current thinking, such resolutions will be an almost guaranteed flop.
But, if you can change your mindset, your perspective, new solutions can come to you.  You can imagine brand new possibilities and make space for your dreams.


Join me for my next Evolution Master Class group forming now:

That’s right—it’s time to grow, to transform, and to change yourself from the inside out so your goals, dreams, and desires can be truly manifested. I have been a professional Healer, Therapist, Life Coach, Transformational Trainer, Teacher, and Inspirational/Motivational speaker for nearly 30 years.

I hold Master’s and Doctorate degrees in counseling and have helped thousands of people overcome their past traumas, hurts, and limiting beliefs, transforming the wounds and weaknesses into their greatest strengths..

The victim becomes the victorious one

I am an avid student of all things healing and transformational, and also a recovering co-dependent. I have committed my life to the study of holistic healing and incorporate many modalities into the practices I will be sharing with you. Are you ready to work on yourself? Because; I am ready to work with you. I do not have a magic wand (darn it!), but my combination of skills, tools, resources, and training create an effective vehicle to get to the next level in your life. This is more than a webinar; this is a LIVE, interactive group. You will form new friendships and support each other in a community of fellow Evolutionaries.

Get to the core of your self-destructive behaviors and the limiting beliefs that defeat you. We will dig deep and pull them out, empowering you to set and realize your goals.


Face your fears of failure and success and remove them with proven transformational techniques, freeing you to make permanent changes and equipping you with more than willpower alone. Learn to create and set boundaries to keep out what you don’t want and let in what you truly do. You will learn to be gentle and compassionate with yourself instead of beating yourself up. Create a practical and do-able action plan and be supported as you implement and sustain it. Train in the newest brain-changing and mindset-shifting techniques, allowing you to clearly see what you really desire and a road map to getting there.

You will create a vision board to keep you motivated throughout the year. Share with one another. Give and receive ongoing support even when not in the group. You will share your victories and be encouraged that you are not alone in your struggles anymore. You’ll have the feeling of “I can do this”! One more thing: it is proven that we all do better when we feel supported and not alone, so I have created a private Facebook page just for our group. You will be able to ask me questions and encourage one another.

This will be a safe and supportive community for all who choose to do this brave and bold work! I know so many of you are incredibly busy and hardly have time for yourselves. All the more reason to give this gift to yourself. Our group will meet every two weeks for 12 weeks. This allows you plenty of time to do your homework and be ready for our next session. And since we meet over the internet, you don’t have to drive anywhere! It couldn’t be easier.

This group is not for everyone

  • It is for YOU if you have already done a lot of self-improvement, are holistically and spiritually minded, but, have this ONE BLASTED THING that gets you down.

  • This group is for you if you are ready to DESTROY the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in any way.

  • This group is for you if you know in your heart that New Year’s resolutions are not the answer because if they were, you would not be struggling AGAIN with making them.

  • This group is for you if you are ready to fly but can’t go it alone. You need a safe and   supportive community who believes in you and is with you all the way to launch!

Our teamwork will be the very thing to get you into the future that you are truly wanting. With my expertise and your commitment to do your own work, there is nothing that can hold you back. The only risk you are taking is to do something different so you can get a different result!

Powerful testimonials from my previous Masterclass:

  • Dr. Naomi has brought me to a peace and comfort in my life through the transformation of my reality! I highly recommend her series to bring you to a higher understanding of yourself.
    Heather Prewitt
    Senior Administrative Assistant, Clayton, CA
  • Naomi’s insight and clarity are refreshing in any setting. Her unique blend of counseling and coaching means you get to understand the roots of the real issues, but you do not have to be stuck in them. I simply would not have believed my life and perspective could have changed so much in just a few months. The group setting allows enough time for some teaching, safety to see how someone else is processing similar issues, and then the space to engage and create your own change. ;
    Mark Schwartz
    Independent Consultant, Newport Beach, CA

As it is with these kinds of inner journeys, the issues I expected to address in Naomi’s Evolution master class ended up being of much larger scale of thought structure that affects everything in my life including the issues on which I wanted to focus. Perceptions, inner dialogue, behavior, are all effected and have effect on how I live my life. It isn’t just one presenting problem. What Naomi excels at is distilling universal concepts down to workable inquiries into how the mind works and the interaction with emotions, thought, and behavior. Additionally, even though the format is via online video conferencing, there remains an intimate and safe feel amongst the participants. Highly recommended! Hal Gerard, Portland Oregon


In my experience with Naomi’s teaching in this class; the blindness of self doubt fell away opening my eyes to see clearly for the very first time the Miracle that I am. Through this journey in Naomi’s class my creative gift of writing was unleashed and I had a download of an entire book appear in my head….so, I began to write it! It happened in a blink of an eye…it was like a switch was just turned on. Words began to pour out from my brain, onto the page, being illuminated by a Divine Light shining down on me that lit the page, and started a fire within me! I am a Miracle, what a wonderful event, I believe to be caused by the hand of God! Yep, that’s me, and that’s the title of my new book. What a miraculous path I am walking daily because of this process. I am a Miracle. I believe it, I walk in it, I live in it…. it’s who I am! Believe me, stating I am a Miracle is a far cry from where I came from. Being abandoned my mother at a young age, I have lived my entire life believing I was worthless and unlovable. But, through the class, I stepped out of the darkness of abandonment and fear into a life that has a voice and apparently a creative writing style! All I can say is Wow!!! What an incredible journey this class with Naomi had been. I highly recommend you walk through this journey with her to discover the hidden Miracle of You! May the peace of God rest upon you and may you find the key that unlocks what is holding you captive. Take the key, unlock the chains, and release all the treasures that have been buried inside of you for far too long! Lori Hayes, Real Estate Broker, San Juan Capistrano, CA


Working with Dr. Naomi has brought a whole new clarity to my life. I’ve been able to see things in a whole new light. She’s helped me find new perspectives and define and utilize tools that have helped me push through challenges I previously found insurmountable. She’s helped me understand that true change is actually within me already. I’ve discovered ways of embracing my true self and leaning into my untapped strengths. Love her and have begun to truly love myself, too.  Nathania Oh, Homemaker; Irvine, CA

The Master Class 2 Schedule:

  • All Master Classes will be live via Skype Video.

  • Each Master Class will be 2 hours long with plenty of interaction

  • Your Master Class offers a confidential and closed Facebook group.

  • A copy of Dr. Naomi’s ebook and journal.

  • Opportunity to email her anytime during the course duration

  • A 30-minute coaching call

  • And class recordings will be available upon request.