In 2016 I took a master class with Naomi and didn’t want it to end after 5 weeks. Over the course of the master class I learned how to rewrite my story. I’d been playing the same role in life for 30 years and knew that it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. Class helped me confront what was keeping me stuck in my same role and Naomi helped me start to rewrite the script. I took a deeper look inward and was given the tools to process what I was seeing while learning to love myself.

The other element of the class that I did not expect was the bond I created with my classmates. We all shared similar traits and motivations for taking the class. There was a natural bond that united us as a team and Naomi was our coach. I’ve also coached with Naomi one on one and the group setting brought a new component with a different impact. Evolution master class taught me I’m not alone. It gave me a coach and teammates to cheer me on in the journey to rewriting my story…

“If you don’t rewrite your story as the hero you will stay alive in your story as the victim.” -Naomi in Evolution Masterclass Nikki B, Hairstylist, Seal Beach

Nikki B, Hairstylist, Seal Beach

Dr. Naomi is one of the most innovative and insightful coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is candid and enjoyable with an emotional I.Q. that really gives clients the ability to rise above their challenges and see new possibilities. I highly recommend Dr. Naomi to anybody serious about breakthrough to new levels of awareness and action.

Dan T. Co-Founder & Chief Transformationalist at The Talent Helix & at Blood & Ethos - Institute For Heroic Living

Working with Naomi was a terrific experience. She was able to help me quickly and efficiently hone in on areas that still needed attention and healing. Much of our work together addressed the activation of post traumatic stress and how to connect with my inner child enough to release those triggers.

Although most of the issues we touched on were familiar to me, Naomi was instrumental in helping me take the healing to a much deeper level. With that awareness I was able to have a profound release of the traumas that had been activated. I feel lighter, clearer and more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have. Thank you Naomi!

Tawa R. Trauma Release Professional

When I ponder a lifetime of wonderful friends, few have had such a lasting and profound impact on me as Dr Naomi. Dr Naomi encountered me when I was literally in the darkest place of my life. I was living at the height of my professional career which fueled my narcissistic and self-indulgent behaviors which rapidly became very self destructive. I was the chief, the bossman, so listening to another human being was out of the question. I was already the smartest man in the world! Naomi was not intimidated by me. She was relentless in the most compassionate way to get through to me. It was a collision of two wills: my will for myself, and her will for the life God had meant for me. Naomi’s grace and commitment to truth changed my life forever and guided me through a journey of finding forgiveness with God and restoration with my beautiful wife and incredible children. I guess I could say that God used her to truly save me from myself. I am so grateful that God placed Naomi in my life. To this day, she continues to help my family as various needs arise and counsel is needed. I most wholeheartedly recommend her to you or your loved ones.

Michael Bostic Retired Asst. Chief, LAPD