Living In Sanity

My 5 Step Living IN Sanity In Relationships Mastercourse Program will change your mind and change your life!

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I can’t believe this is really happening to me, AGAIN!”

Is your partner, kids or boss driving you crazy? How about your finances or current situation? Do you feel frustrated, annoyed, angry because nothing ever seems to change? Is it “GROUNDHOG’S DAY?”

Oh, how about this one, “I’m fighting all of the time with my….” or, “I think he’s cheating on me” or “he never listens to me, in fact, nobody ever listens to me!” “Why am I always overlooked at work?”

Do you ever feel like you’re banging your head against the wall and wondering why your head hurts? Do you feel STUCK in some part of your life that you just can’t figure out?

You know you’re smart, successful and talented but you just can’t figure this one out! You keep asking why?

Denial causes us to go crazy. When I can’t accept what is really happening then I go crazy and make up a version of reality to live in. This is insanity. This is why you feel like you’re going crazy, because you are.

Remember the definition of Insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over thinking that this time it will be different!

In my 5 Step Living IN Sanity Program you will learn how to STOP the Insanity by training your mind just like you would train your body to get in shape! How come I know so much about this? Well, besides being a professional therapist/life coach and transformational trainer for the past 28 years, earning both my Master’s and Doctoral degrees in counseling, and helping literally thousands of people get through their own major life crises, I have gone through my fair share. In fact, my first major crisis was why I became a therapist in the first place.

My first marriage was a disaster of epic proportion. He was a Narcissist, he was abusive and we were both very religious (a deadly combination!) The abuse twisted my thinking, battered my self esteem and confidence. My religious training reinforced the abuse by telling me it was my fault (along with my husband) and that I was rebellious and needed to submit more. We were in ministry and had two little boys. I wanted to believe that God could just FIX my husband if I did all of the right things. This belief, that I could, or God could FIX someone else was my insanity because it never worked. I had a mental breakdown, a spiritual crisis and got divorced. This was never in my plan, but, it happened. I can say now that I am grateful because it put me on this wild journey of recovery ever since. I am obsessed with sanity, with serenity, because I never want to feel that way again! I don’t want you to feel that way either, so hopeless and helpless, frustrated and ashamed. I have taken all of my years of experiences and created this program just for you!

I want you to feel empowered, hopeful and like you can do anything YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! So, let’s reset your thinking and change your mind to believe that Living IN Sanity is completely available to you! It really isn’t hard, in fact, it is just a matter of practicing these easy steps. Remember that practice is how you get good at anything and practicing my very practical steps in my Living IN Sanity program will absolutely change your life because you are doing it!

The 5 steps to Living IN Sanity: Lessons for Thriving in Living Life

Step One: Identifying the Insanity

  • Don’t just sit there in the dark.  What you are denying is what you are repeating.

  • Who or what keeps showing up?

  • Changing the lightbulb so you can see your way out!

so you can immediately stop the Insanity, in other words, come out of denial!)

Step Two: Mirror, mirror – who is the craziest one of all?

  • Why am I banging my head against the wall?
  • Who or what am I so mad at?
  • If I didn’t have a headache then what would I have?.

(In this module we will take a brave journey into our own inner world by taking courageous steps forward into being real with ourselves.)

Step Three: Settling the score – gaining clarity by getting to the core.

  • What is it that I am so afraid of? What if it’s me?
  • The Big question I am too afraid to ask myself.
  • Finding the courage to break free from fear!

(In this module you will discover the REAL you and how incredible amazing you really are.)

Step Four: Really losing it, the real power of letting go.

  • If I am not my thoughts or feelings, then who am I?
  • Creating a new practice of noticing and negotiating.
  • Serenity+ self compassion =SANITY.

(In this module you will learn the art of honest and healthy self love empowering you to soar above the madness into clarity and consciousness.)

Step Five: Settling the score – gaining clarity by getting to the core.

  • Whatever you practice you get good at, setting up a powerful self care practice.
  • Relapsing and Resetting, learning how to live clean by staying out of the icky pond.

Bonus Module: Honoring your progress.

(In this module we will complete our self care practice including an emergency Insanity escape plan!)